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The Crash

Written By: Devon Vondarin

Smashwords Edition

Copyright: 2013 Devon Vondarin

Chapter 1

Life Sucks

Beep, Beep, Beep… “What the hell is that damn beeping?” Mike said, as he awoke from his sleep. His head pounded as he strained to get his eyes to focus. Slowly a room came into view and he wondered where he was at. He was glancing around his surroundings while in a somewhat dazed state. He challenged his brain to think through the pounding in his skull. The room was lime green and there was a familiar smell in the air. One of first things he saw was a pair of heavy leather wrist restraints applied to both of his wrist and a bandage on his left forearm. The bandaged area on his forearm was soaked through in dried blood and there was a dull pain coming from the area. In his right upper forearm he saw an IV protruding from the bend in his arm. Following the IV line up over his head to the right he saw a half empty bag with a clear yellow colored fluid in it. “Ah, what did they call that kind of bag?” he thought to himself and then it came to him “a banana bag”. Some nurse had once been told him that it had vitamins in it to help prevent brain damage in alcoholics. He then turned his attention to that annoying beeping sound that coming from the left side of his pounding head. Mounted over his head was a small television screen of a heart monitor and the beeps were just his own heartbeats. No doubt about it he was in a hospital room.

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