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A blood hot, historical tale from the Scottish Highlands, where the l9th Century Industrial Revolution is ravaging the clans. Village after village is gutted by the greed of capitalists who evict the local populations, divesting them of homes, land and honor. Until they advance on Greenyards...

There the home grabbers face a fiery, flashing-eyed widow, Catherine Ross, who rallies the villagers to fight for their rights, land and heritage. Into the ferment comes Ian Macgregor, a tall and strapping RossShire advocate of law and order. But as battle is joined one misty morning in a field by the River Carron, with Catherine leading against drunken and belligerent lawmen, Ian must choose sides. And as a truncheon comes down aimed at Catherine's skull, he makes his choice.

Blood on the Tartan is the powerful tale of a little known ugly time in Scotland, where raw, fighting Scottish spirit gathers itself to challenge injustice. In Catherine Ross and Ian Macgregor the reader is treated to a rare romance and love triumphant as they fight for Scottish honor.

~ Robert Middlemiss, A Common Glory


Against overwhelming odds, Catherine Ross fights for the land and heritage of common villagers in Chris Holmes’ page turning historical romance, Blood on the Tartan. When Catherine refuses to stand aside as a large, drunken posse challenges her, Ian Macgregor must choose between enforcing the law or defending the love of his life. An incredible read from the first to last page.

~ John Hamilton Lewis, Lost River, Cry Havoc, Samsara

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