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Part One: It Begins In an Alley

“Motherfucker!” Ashley yelled as he stubbed his toe against whatever was carelessly discarded in the alley. It was too dark to see anything, even using his cell phone screen as a poor imitation flashlight. It was his third time walking through this alley. He knew the door was here somewhere; he’d spent hours researching on the internet for the perfect dive bar for tonight’s experiment. If only his research warned him to bring a searchlight to navigate through the musty alley. A nose plug wouldn’t have been a bad idea either, so he wouldn’t have to keep his nose pinched between his fingers to avoid the putrid smells of rotting trash and stale piss. Classy.

The small pub didn’t have any signs, and the only entrance was an old steel door down a dark passage. Cliché as it was, Ashley wasn’t too worried about being stabbed by an unknown assailant lurking in the shadows; he was armed with a can of pepper spray and could scream like a banshee. If he didn’t find that damn door soon, he’d know every fucking pothole, rock, or piece of garbage cluttering the alleyway. Over ten minutes of searching and not a single person had come or gone from the bar. Ashley was going to find that fucking door, even if it took all night. He needed to go somewhere he wouldn’t be recognized, and no one he knew would be caught dead in this shit hole. Fuck, after this he’d probably have to go home and burn his outfit for sanitary reasons before scrubbing his skin raw in a scorching shower.

Finally finding the door five minutes later, Ashley tried to pull it open, but it was heavier than he expected and didn’t budge. He heaved as hard as he could the second time; the door still didn’t fucking move. Ashley held the grimy door handle with both hands, and braced himself with his stylish, but affordable, stiletto heel against the wall. He was going to rip this heavier-than-fuck door off its fucking hinges if he had to. It was too dark out to worry about anyone seeing how he looked with his mini skirt rising up, ass exposed and high heel flat against the building.

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