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The Infernal Cigarette: Stepping Through Hell Without The Devil Noticing

Remove nicotine from your daily routine with this easy to follow 22-step program.

By Al Ballard

[This is a $0.99 eBook that outlines the program. For a more detailed version with a step-by-step summary, please visit to purchase the more detailed eBook]

Copyright 2013 Al Ballard

Smashwords Edition

The Disclaimer

It is important for you to know that the proper usage of this program requires use of a retail product made of Moringa, manufactured by the Zija Corporation, known as Moringa or Moringa. This is a very important part of the program. You can attempt to be successful with this program by just using the Moringa leaf as a tobacco substitute, as described herein, but we have found that it does not work near as well as when the program is initiated in conjunction with the use of the Moringa or Moringa by Zija.

Zija Corporation is a huge, multi-national, multi-level marketing firm that sells Moringa products all over the world. They are not responsible for any of the information that you’ll find in this book, or for any of the ideas associated with the program. Zija Corporation does not sell its products with this program in mind, but they do sell them for better health and wellbeing, which this program does provide. This is what is known as the disclaimer and I want to make sure that you and everyone reading this book or using the program understands that we are not affiliated with the Zija Corporation in any way shape or form and that use of their products in conjunction with this program is my recommendation not theirs.

This program works well for those following the steps described throughout this book and while using the products that are recommended in this book. In an altruistic world, these products could be used in many programs that emphasize better health without any fear of false claims when the product itself is found to be safe and aids in better health for those choosing to use the product.

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