The news was on, droning quietly. The girls were not paying it much mind as the newsanchor announced that it was Feburary 11th, 2008. "Stay inside," said the anchorman, "Keep doors and windows closed."

"Ugh!" exclaimed one of the three girls, "Turn that thing off. News is always so depressing. Why do you even have that on, Sophie?"

Sophie raised the control and dismissed the anchor, the screen darkening as she tossed it aside, "Sorry Sue, that better?"

The remaining female laughed airily. "That's Sue, always have to have her way," she mocked.

"Better than 'Spreadlegs Sam," countered Sue with a frown.

"You did not!"

"I just did."

Sam threw a pillow across the room, catching Sue in the face. The friends laughed and began beating one another, forgetting their troubles for the moment. They were in their early twenties, just old enough to start getting real responsibilities, but young enough to revel in just such things. They were enjoying a sleepover, and the remains of their festivities were spread about with several bottles and cans of emptied alcohol spread about, some junk food containers pushed off to the corners of the living room, and many crumbs waiting to be cleaned.

"So you got anything to eat?" asked Sue, looking towards Sophie.

"Sure sure, one moment." She hopped up to her feet and ambled through her apartment towards the kitchen, half tripping over something small and furry. "Hey Mike," she said, crouching down and plucking up her black cat. She began to pet him gently as she walked into the kitchen, "You want a snack too huh?" The cat had no reply but to purr contentedly in her arms.

She balanced the cat in one arm as she pulled the fridge open and pulled out a pizza they had stashed away earlier. She got it into the oven and turned the knob to start warming it, then reached back into the chilly box, producing the cat's half empty can of food and unending it onto the small plate she reserved for just such things.

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