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Jason and Azazel: Ambrosia

Book Eight

by V. J. Chambers

Azazel relishes the chance to be on the offensive for once. Chased all her life, fighting one enemy or another who intended to kill her, it’s nice to be pursuing the bad guys instead of running from them.

Of course, Jason doesn’t agree that they’re bad guys. He doesn’t think they have the right to make moral judgments like that. Not after all the horrible things they’ve done. He chooses to stay home and get to know his son, Chance.

Jason spends his days playing with Chance and going to parent-teacher conferences. Azazel spends hers hunting down and killing people who sell Nephilim blood. Jason tries to pretend he doesn’t long for a life of action, but deep down, he misses violence. He craves it.

The strain of domestic life is getting to Jason.

It won’t be long until he snaps.

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