Chapter one

      Melody’s eyes slowly open as she sits up in her tangled sheets, arms shaking under her weight. The soft, white cotton sheets cling to her skin from the sweat dripping off of her. She blinks, the morning sun blinding her for a few short moments while she reflects on her sultry dream. Last night’s dream was just one of the many frequent dreams about Adam that have been gracing her sleeping mind for the past four months; like clockwork Adam calls to her each time her head hits the pillow. At first, she considered these dreams just another hormone driven fantasy from being away from her boyfriend, Sam, for the span of the last four months, but once she realized that these dreams were taking control of her life, she forced herself to stop.

They are persistent little buggers, though, stealing her subconscious from her when she is at her weakest and has no other choice but to witness these hauntingly beautiful dreams. Melody drops her head back on the soft feather pillow, shutting her eyes briefly; Adam’s face haunts the inside of her eyelids. Every striking detail of his tanned face is in front of her, his bright azure eyes ready to take her away when she asks. She grunts, trying to push the image away before it can take hold of her again. Melody’s alarm screeches from the wooden night stand next to her bed, reminding her of her coffee date with Sam. She throws her feet over the side of her bed, her body mourning the loss of warm sheets which had been so lovingly wrapped around her, as her feet hit the floor before she makes her way across her brightly colored bedroom.

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