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A Heroic Tale

Laura Haglund

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Laura H. Haglund

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Author's Note:

This is an in-between sequel to my fantasy novel, A Drum Is Empty. The only magic in it is that of love.

Long ago, before television, even before books could be written, history was passed on orally. Children learned about what mattered from experienced adults. The past and the present were not completely separate; there was continuity, passed from generation to generation. There were grandmothers.


The White Horse band, all twenty and five of them, marched steadily up the hills and down again, singing and joking as much as they had breath for. Everyone carried a fair amount on their backs, even the children. The longest tent poles had been turned into four travois, loaded with tents, extra food, and trade-goods. Both men and women took turns dragging them.

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