Kewarratiwa's Story

Laura Haglund

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Laura H. Haglund

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Author's Note:

This is a prequel to my prehistoric fantasy A Drum Is Empty. For the sake of introducing a character who would inspire xenophobic ferment in the plot, I hypothesized a late migration from Africa that made no lasting impact on the genetic or cultural development of mankind in Europe. The Wa!ikerrima are kin to the Bushmen, small in stature but tough. They left their homeland in pursuit of a vision that has, at the time of my storytelling, apparently failed. They are close to extinction already, unwelcome wherever they go in the harsh competition for food during this last gasp of the Ice Age. This is the story of one survivor.

The exclamation point in some names and words represents the click sound found in some languages.

I found Tiwa to be somewhat of a problem, until I persuaded her to tell me her story. Characters are like that.

Kewarratiwa's Story

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