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Three hours later we were sent for dinner. But I saw Mrs Hopiniling going out of the door. I knew she had gotten the sack. Two teachers down.

After lunch a strange looking man came to inspect us. He asked if we had ever actually been naughty in school. We said yes. In this class? He asked. We said no.

He then went away. A new teacher came in. She had jet black, straight hair and a strange, if there is such a description, solid face. Like a robot! She was called Mrs Rapinngg. Honestly, do all my teachers have in in their names? Miss Hopin, Mrs Hopiniling and now Mrs Rapinngg!

Mrs Hopiniling probably still doesnt know about the money. And I dont want her too, either. Did you know, the last time we won the football but tied with A1, she said that we had lied and that it was A1s football! Honestly! Teachers.

By Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira

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