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Darius Powell

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Darius Powell

On an average Saturday night, in an average suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, and an otherwise average neighborhood, the Gordon family prepared for a good night’s sleep. Little Bobby was already down for the count; however, Janet and Bill were having a much tougher time with nine year old Tess. “Tess, honey, it’s time to go to sleep,” said Janet, speaking louder than normal from her bathroom.

Tess walked into her parent’s room in a manner no different than she had more than 2,191 times over the past six years. Bill, who was sitting on the bed, looked at his daughter in disbelief. “What do you think you’re doing little lady?” he asked. “Have you forgotten our agreement?”

Janet added to Bill’s comment. “Daddy’s right Tess; tonight is when we agreed that you would begin sleeping in your own room full time.”

“I know what I agreed to, but I’m still not ready. If I can’t sleep with you, can I sleep with Bobby?” asked Tess.

“Not a chance; besides, this has gone on long enough,” said Bill. Tess began to cry then started to mumble all of the reasons why she didn’t want to sleep alone. She was scared of the evil monster in her closet. She was afraid of the witch under her bed. She didn’t like how the tree branch looked from outside of her room.

“Everything will be okay honey,” said Janet, as she consoled Tess. “Daddy and I will walk you to your room, read you a nice story and tuck you in bed.” Janet and Bill read Tess a light hearted bedtime story based on her collection of American Heritage Dolls. These were thematic dolls with individual stories that suited each of their unique personalities. Wendy was a TV talk show host from Chicago. Bianca was a star fashion designer from New York City, and Diva was an A-List Hollywood starlet from Los Angeles. Tess’ mood changed for the better and she decided to sit her Wendy, Diva, and Bianca Dolls in her bed. Bill and Janet kissed Tess goodnight and started to leave the room. “Daddy, can you leave my room light on?” asked Tess.

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