What others are saying about The Tales of the Antares Rangers

Professional quality sci-fi, slick with a techy overlay that generates interesting imagery. The core of human interaction keeps it grounded but off-world in its feel. Up there with stuff I read in my youth from Asimov and others.”

Michael Gray, author of 2150 Total Integration, www.authonomy.com

(Calcagno’s) imaginative technology is superb, whilst the astronomical information gives colour and credibility to this Sci Fi fantasy. Loved it.”

Katy Roberts, author of Phobic Dawn, www.authonomy.com

Loved this book (The D’war’en Heir), and can’t wait for the next. Open and honest sci-fi with old-time values. I may (be) an older guy, but I’m still a kid at heart, Bring it on, Frank!”

Steve M., New Zealand, www.smashwords.com

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