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-1I sighed deeply and looked at the large clock hanging perfectly on a perfect white wall. 3:00. I crinkled my forehead in confusion. I got up and made my way slowly to the desk at the end of the room. “Ma’am,” I said quietly, so I wouldn’t wake anyone up.

Yes,” she said just as quietly.

That clock is broken, it hasn’t moved in the last hour.” She smiled sympathetically at me and pointed me down the hall to the coffee machine. I filled my Styrofoam cup with the black liquid and found a seat in the hall. Maybe this clock would be working.

It was sometime after five that a young looking man wearing a bright orange shirt came to get his fill of caffeine. He took the seat next to mine with a smile that seemed out of place, considering where we were. “Hi, I’m Rob,” he declared, sticking his hand out to me.

Dan,“ I said simply, shaking his hand. His shirt distracted me and I found my eyes drawn to it. ‘Jesus Lives’

You believe?” he asked when he caught me staring.

No.” I shook my head. I really hoped he wouldn’t start in on me.

He nodded quietly. “Why you here?” He asked, but not in a nosey way.

My wife,” I bit back the emotion, “she’s dying.”

Again he nodded.

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