The Books of Braenyn

The Scepter of Namiss

The Fallen Church of Ashburn

Family Bonds

Tarrow’s Tale

Duel on Mt Vapor-Coming Soon

Friend or Foe in a Broken Land-Coming Soon

The Urn of Orgo-Coming Soon

A Dish Served Cold –Coming Soon

Possessing the Grimstone

Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds-Coming Soon

Braenyn the elf stood in the inner sanctum of the crypt. Shafts of pale milk-white moonlight shimmered through grated windows in the corners of the musty room but it was not enough to illuminate the entire place. The dust of ages lying thick on the floor was undisturbed, even though the rotting wooden doors he passed through looked as if someone had tried to break their way out of here.

He surveyed the area with sword in hand, his grandfather’s sword, handed down to him through the generations, its hilt ornate with carvings of great serpents and runes of the Elven Gods. Sconces that lined the decayed walls remained unlit for centuries. Braenyn waved his hand, his eyes glowing white and, with the power that coursed through his blood, ignited them. The flames brought much needed light to the dank crypt.

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