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A beautiful coming of age story of a young girl discovering her

Christian faith…

Like the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Dark Well of Decision is a grand adventure with a likable girl who is a little like all of us. Zoe’s insecurities are realistically drawn and her struggle with both her faith and the new direction her life will take is poignant. The references to the Bible and the teachings presented are appropriately captured. Author Anne Kimberly is an author to watch; her gift for penning a grand childhood adventure is a great one. This one is well worth the time and money spent.

~Lettetia, Coffee Time Romance

Darkness Beckons…

The well’s stone top was quite hot from the sun and burned my bare legs as I lay on my stomach trying to position the flashlight just right. Carefully holding the flashlight so it shone sideways into the hole, it illuminated the sides of the well. My eyes took several moments to adjust from the brightness of the sun, but from the darkness color soon took form, a reddish brown color. Bricks, intricately laid together in the continuous, round wall, perfect in their condition.

After a thorough inspection of the well's cavity, nothing was left but to look toward the bottom to see if I could determine its depth.

Nothing but solid blackness!

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