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Leader of the Pack by Debi Farr

Charlie Fox was all decked out in her hooker gear when she had a flat tire. Falling down in a ditch was mortifying enough, let alone having a sexy cop help her out and flirt with her the whole time. Charlie was on her way to a ‘Come-As-You- Aren’t’ party, and she was definitely not the hooker type. Derek Eiken was dressed as a cop, on his way to the same party when he found Charlie in the ditch, trying to explain that he was really not a police officer, he figured he might as well let her figure things out the hard way. Charlie wasn’t a big fan of motorcycle riders after one killed her dog Max, hopefully her feelings would change once she climbed on the back of one with Derek.

Hitting Paydirt by Billie Warren Chai

MaryVictoria Abbot was a beauty, she was strong, dependable and an oil driller. Covered from head to toe with mud, she was late for her brother’s wedding rehearsal and really had no plans of leaving the job site...that is until the Major showed up. Craig Ferguson had eyes for MaryVic for years but with an over protective brother, he never acted upon his feelings. The night she stepped out of her room in a micro mini and lace-up heels, he couldn’t hold back those feelings any longer. Craig would forever protect MaryVic, but when someone kidnaps her, he is out of his mind with anger and grief. A love that had never let itself be known is now stronger than ever...he must now find a way to break it to MaryVic’s overprotective brother, and his best friend. Wedding anyone?

Teaching Love by Patricia Frank

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