This Girl Needs A Break

Short Story Romance

Published at and Copyright 2013 CJ Hawk

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Lights, camera, quiet on the set please, and action. Jennifer Jones led her young life like some girl's dream of; dance classes, acting classes, private performance teachers. Where did that get her? With a degree in journalism, and the fact that she cannot catch a prime time break. All she has gotten is short clips and neurotic stories that may, or may not, get some airtime. Her not so glamorous career has shipped her out to some lonely mountain town to cover a news interest story on some whack that thinks he is on the Star Ship Enterprise Captain. What she wants is that big news story that lands her in prime-time television, or is it? The minute she sets her baby blues on the son of said whack job, she is smitten with attraction. Can this back country mountain town steal her heart or will the next big news story draw her back into the spotlight?

Table Of Contents

Chapter One

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