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Chapter one

He moved stealthily along the forest floor on all fours. Through the tiny openings between the bushes, he could see that the sun was quickly setting. He wondered how long this would go on. Only the previous week, sources from the city far away had said that the major had gone to start negotiations to end the war. There were also rumors that most of the dragons had started leaving and that soon it would all be over. He longed for that day when all of them would be gone. He had so many ideas for his people, so many dreams to bring back all his people had lost. When all of them left, he would organize his group and they would show those dragons that they had the ability to sustain themselves…..his line of thought was interrupted by three gunshots followed by screams then heavy footsteps. He sank further into the thickets. Had the dragons found out about their hideout? He wondered worriedly. But how could they? Yet, the gunshots had not sounded like one of their own machines. Little did he know that the gunshots had felled two of his closest allies just a few meters from where he lay.

He felt his pouch to confirm that his machete was still in the position he had left it. Just let any of those filthy dragons try to attack him; he would slash their throats without second thought. Slowly, the rustling of the leaves stopped and total silence returned to the forest. He remembered with pain the way they had attacked and raped their women at the village. They had huddled them together and taken them away to camps. He wondered what had become of his ageing mother, had she been able to survive the hard days of toiling in the dragon owned coffee plantations? Again he heard a rustling of leaves and more gunshots. He paused his breathing and craned his neck to try and see what was going on. Something like a movement registered in his line of vision but before he could react, he felt a heavy boot stepping on his toes.

He almost howled out in pain but as his eyes travelled up the foot of the boot wearer and he realized it was a dragon, his mouth clamped shut. The dragon turned and combed the forest with his eyes, no doubt making sure that he had wiped out the last of the vermin. After the dragon had trotted off, he lay there rubbing his sore hand. He wondered where his friends were. He could not risk making the signal sounds that they used to communicate because he was not sure how many of the dragons were still around. His mind went back to many years ago, when the dragons had started arriving in their little undisturbed villages.

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