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Girls’ Day Out

By Jeanette Battista

Smashwords Edition

Copyright (c) 2013 Jeanette Battista

All Rights Reserved.

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Published 2013 by Fast Foreword, a Foreword Literary imprint.

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ISBN: 978-1-30191-350-3



About the Author

J’s hopes of having a quiet day at the office were dashed the moment her albatross of a business partner stalked into the library. T had apparently just woken up, if the state of her hair was any indication. She looked sullenly around the bookcase-lined room while she sipped her enormous mug—nay, vat—of coffee. Clyde, the Guarden gnome who had adopted T, sat at her feet. The redhead glared absently at nothing, while J sipped her tea.

J chose to ignore the woman and returned to her reading. She was trying to dig up more information on their new office to understand its bizarre powers. She and T had already discovered its ability to organically add rooms as needed—this library was proof of that. It could also translocate itself anywhere in the Mundane world when required. That came in handy, since the two detectives spent most of their time on an alternate plane of existence. The way J understood it, the Underworld and the Mundane world lay atop each other, stacked like plates with other dimensions stacked above and below them. To travel between them, you needed a portal or some other device or power that allowed you to slip between planes. Most of the denizens living Below had it: boogeymen, some demons, various types of magicians. J and T were just human, albeit with some upgrades, so it helped to have a mobile base of operations.

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