What does occasionally connect with the voters is the disingenuous blustering and false rhetoric which has become a mainstay of our election campaigns. Substance and truth have long since taken a back seat because the politicians know that they can frequently get away without it.

I suppose politics has always been a dirty game, played by those with power to gain and little substance to offer their constituents. It’s not that they don’t have the skill set to provide positive guidance and improvement for the rest of us. It’s most likely that they lack the incentive to fight the system that they are ensconced in. After all, it provides them with a level of benefits that you and I could only hope for, and that is not something to trifle with.

Our political government has been restructured to provide a degree of luxury and job security, way beyond what is deserved by any of the participants. Over the years a seniority system has been developed that gives those at the top rungs of the ladder immense control over those who are below them. Equality among Congresspersons is merely a figment of the imagination of those who are without a clue. As a result, little productive work gets done that does not play into a senior Congressperson’s quest for power.

This is not to say that special favors (pork) are not doled out to the constituents of the various states. But mostly this largess is directed at those special interests who financially support the incumbent candidates. This amounts to a quid-pro-quo which is essentially legalized bribery. Favors given; money received. Could this be any more obvious?

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