Endorsements for Chopper Warriors

The Vietnam War – one of the longest, most complex, and controversial in American history – left many citizens uncertain what to think about its origin, length, and its long-range consequences. But an impressive number of American soldiers who actually fought in the conflict are determined to make sure that the public will have abundant documentation of the will courage, ingenuity, and brotherly valor daily invested in each other’s lives and their country’s honor.

One of those candid, tell-it-like-it-was authors is Bill Peterson – born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In this second book, Chopper Warriors, he has joined mind and memory with fellow veterans to tell one of the most remarkably thorough accounts of the war in the long years that haunted the nation.

Ed Lambeth, Professor Emeritus

University of Missouri School of Journalism

I met Bill through a mutual friend. Talking with Bill about his time in Viet Nam and the time I spent there, we found that we had many things in common. Reading his first book Missions of Fire and Mercy brought back many memories. Some of them I had pushed to the far back of my mind and forgotten. For those who have never been in any branch of the military or been in a war zone, Bill’s first book Missions Of Fire and Mercy and his new book Chopper Warriors are must reads. They give an insight into the daily life of what it is like to be in an Army Aviation unit in combat. Once you start reading, you will not want to put them down until you reach the end. The Viet Nam veterans are finally being shown some of the respect that they should have been given years ago. I pray that no other American Service Personnel are treated in that manner ever again. I am looking forward to reading the entire Chopper Warriors book.

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