James C. DuBose, Jr. CW-4 Army Retired

Authentic writing of real life experience of wartime. Compelling with an insight given only from someone who lived it.

Jimmy Westmoreland, Vietnam 1967-1969

Bill Peterson’s book, Missions of Fire and Mercy, is filled with thrilling and technically accurate day-to-day descriptions of his tour and experiences as a crew chief in Vietnam. He is a gifted storyteller who writes no “fluff copy”. His attention to detail is outstanding, and in the end he is able to make a great page turning story out of the not so great “Vietnam Conflict”. His award winning Missions of Mercy and Fire resonates with history and invokes both good and bad memories of the 60’s and 70’s. I cannot wait for the newest installment Chopper Warriors. It is guaranteed to be a historically accurate look at our involvement in Viet Nam through Bill’s eyes and experiences.

Jim Tertin, Director of Manufacturing

Magnum Research

Author Bill Peterson is a great storyteller! His writing style is down to earth and easy to read. The author’s last award-winning book, Missions of Fire and Mercy, is compelling, riveting, and an educational tome – a story of remarkable courage. I look forward to reading more from this author.”

John Podlaski, Author

Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

As Bill’s “big sister”, I could not be more proud of your accomplishments! Bill, you are my personal hero. Until you wrote your harrowing stories of Viet Nam in Missions of Fire and Mercy, I had never really heard your heart concerning that war. Cindi is amazing for loving you through your nightmares for so many years. Now that you are writing your memories, there is fresh relief and a new kind of healing – not just for you, Bill, but for all your readers who shared that horrific war.

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