Master Time in Two Hours

By Brian Morgan


This Smashwords Edition published by The Writers Trust, 2013. Copyright 2013 Brian Morgan and The Writers Trust. All rights reserved world-wide.


This eBook, Master Time in Two Hours, by national award-winning author, Brian Morgan, has extracted the essence of time mastery from two of his acclaimed master works.

In 2012, The Writers Trust published a book called The Richest Man in Persia, which has been called a 21st century blueprint for a better life - a blueprint for abundance and personal success with peace of mind.

In 2013, we published another book by the same author, You Are Already Rich. This book is harder to explain and really has to be read. It promises riches beyond your dreams, treasure beyond your imaginings. Not all riches are money riches, and we are all richer than we realize.

Both books cover much ground, and this giveaway eBook, Master Time in Two Hours, extracts, from both of them, the tried and tested principles of successful time management in a way that makes practical understanding fast and easy.

It will take just a couple of hours to read, and will not only reveal the best practices in time management, but will also transport the reader into a motivated mode to put the rules to work.

Here is advice that is practical, useful and packed with common sense. Advice that will change lives.

The Richest Man in Persia is a long-awaited sequel to the all-time best-seller, The Richest Man in Babylon, which has been called the greatest ever book on the subject of wealth creation. However, with the benefit of many years of hindsight, Brian Morgan has been able to go way beyond the confines of the earlier masterpiece.

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