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The Light of the lord surrounds me.

The Love of the lord enfolds me.

The Power of the lord protects me.

The Presence of the lord watches over me.

The Mind of the lord guides me.

The Life of the lord flows through me.

The Laws of the lord direct me.

The Power of the lord abides within me.

The Joy of the lord uplifts me.

The Strength of the lord renews me.

The Beauty of the lord inspires me.

Wherever I am, the lord is!”

Those were the last words my father spoke, as the hunters sent from Rome closed on our home. I sat holding my trembling mother as we feared for our capture, we knew this day would come but we didn’t anticipate it to be so soon.

My father cupped my cheeks and bellowed a cry before kissing my mother and I goodbye. I watched as my father pulled his sword from the mantle and drew it from its sheath, I had never seen such a beauty that was my father’s sword; it was a blade of the knights of Talar family.  He turned to me and handed me the chilling metal and sheath and whispered something to my mother nodded her head viciously.

I looked to my father for guides on what shall we do.  But the Hunter broke down the front door to our home before my father could utter a word. Blades clashed as my father fought for us, I will never forget the expression that held on the murders face. He looked to be satisfied with his killing, my mother screamed in agony over the loss of her soul. I pulled her to her feet as we hurried up the stairs to bedroom. I rush to open a window and I hear sounds of yelling men from downstairs, I hurry to open the door before I hear the safe sounds of wolves howling.  

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