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A Star Runner Story


Fourteen year old Danal Moccazhon, scared and alone, huddled in the small space between her bed and the wall.

The Imuli research vessel shook again and Danal screamed.

The spaceship, Lightwing, had been shaking off and on now for the past forty minutes. She'd been woken by it. Not just woken, but jolted right off her bed. Danal buried her face in her drawn up knees, her long black hair shielding her from the rest of the world.

She didn't know why all of this shaking was happening. She didn't know what all of the explosions meant. All Danal wanted was her mum, her dad and Yoto.

Especially Yoto.

Just the thought of her pet snooble, brought her a little comfort. Being able to hold the large grey and red cat in her arms would bring her even more.

Danal had half a thought of going to find her. She was probably just in the next cabin, crouched under her parent's bed, just as frightened as she was. But then the ship shook more violently than ever. She was hurled onto her side and slid the length of the room.

Pushing her hair out of her face, Danal tried to sit up and fell once more. The deck wasn't level any more. It was slanted and her bed looked to be 'uphill'.

"Mum! Dad!" Danal sobbed, but there was no answer.

An explosion tore another scream from her. This one was so close, so loud, that Danal thought that it came from just the other side of the wall.

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