THE STAR SLOOP, Volume One of The Life and Times of Grant August Elik, the Great Gunner, is written and copyrighted by Verity Fountain-Douglas as a book in the Dvanda Masda line, protected also by the copyright of Oliver St. Gaudy, the publisher and leading editor. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical or mechanical, including any means of storage and retrieval, without agreement of the publisher. Brief excerpts may be quoted without permission for critical notice, or for purposes of recommendation. Required permissions can be requested on-line from [Editor] oliverstgaudy@crosstalk.IT where requests may also be lodged for review copies of paperback editions.

The Apollonian Champion Dvanda Masda in arms:

Charcoal impression of the colophon © by

Gustav Deloiry

W-o’-W artist and illustrator



To new inspirations from Elizabeth [Ziba] Mills, who has been generous with time taken from her own work to help with the restyling for publication of this book, and to the wise voice from Delaware, of Antoinette Adams, neither ever failing in encouragement for this first installment in my back-to-the-future quartet of novel biographies, now nearing completion, and to my daughters, Helen, Rachel and Christiana, in a special year for First Sister, all of whom keep my interest expanded across three continents.

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