Chapter 6 – The little angel?

Chapter 7 – The great outdoors

Chapter 8 – Confident child: the crock of gold

Chapter 9 – Letting go

Chapter 1 Confident parent

These are some notes on basic parenting. It shocks me now to think how ignorant I was fifteen years ago, when my wife and I started our family. Luckily, my wife knew much more than I did, and it seems not much has gone seriously wrong. For anyone starting the job of parenting, maybe the fifteen simple rules provided here will help a bit.

Don't worry, and don't give up

As long as your child stays in one piece, with all essential organs functioning, there is not a lot to worry about. Babies are very delicate in some ways, but very good at recovering in others. The hardest part of parenting is simply keeping at the job for a decade or two. It needs stamina. You will make mistakes occasionally – we all do. When this happens, of course one should try to repair any damage at once. Then carry on as before. It is that simple, though not always easy.

Look after both your child and yourself

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