12 Guided Exercises in Story Craft & Writing

Kate Walker

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Copyright 2013 Kate Walker
ISBN: 9781301354788

All rights reserved. The exercise and story material in this booklet is copyright and to reproduce it without permission, or payment to the author, is illegal. It also means more hours of work for which a dedicated writer and teacher did not get paid.

~ I ~ Those Fabulous Word Images
~ II ~ How To Use These Exercises
Ex. 1 – The Midnight Cat
Ex. 2 – The Midnight Cat – Follow-on Exercise
Ex. 3 – Sunday Sandwich
Ex. 4 – The Creatures Under the House
Ex. 5 – A Special Friend
Ex. 6 – A Statue Comes to Life
Ex. 7 – Beware of the Dog
Ex. 8 – What the Rabbit Wanted
Ex. 9 – Pippin and the Butterfly
Ex. 10 – The Dog, the Cat, the Mouse and the Cheese
Ex. 11 – The Rain Maker Myth
Ex. 12 – Cuddles the Cat
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I developed this approach to teaching writing over 20 years, with classes of all ages and abilities, and every step in the process matters. Reading the introduction will make the exercises easier to use. They are purposely intended to be low-stress for teachers and students alike.

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