Praise for Muskets and Memories

"Jeffrey Williams is an excellent historian. His interspersing of the history of the war with reenactor's experiences makes the book more memorable. The bonding of the reenactors mirrors the bonding of comrades in battle." - Former Minnesota Governor Al Quie

"Rarely have I found any writing that touched so many parts of my intellect, my passion, my dreams and my soul. Jeffrey Williams has woven together parts of his personal journey that defined his life with slices of the Civil War that defined us as a nation. Readers will find themselves walking and running alongside him and, along the way, you will discover a brand new way to look at this complex and confusing beautiful land we call home." - Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Civil War Commemoration Task Force co-chair

"Jeffrey Williams is an authority on the great American Civil War and a reenactor of events pertaining to it. Through his eyes and descriptions, the events of 1861-1865 are vividly recounted. Jeff helps readers to experience life as a Civil War soldier and leads readers over the hallowed ground of many of the battles that shaped our nation's future. This book will deepen your understanding of this pivotal moment in America's history." - Minnesota State Representative Dean Urdahl, Minnesota Civil War Commemoration Task Force co-chair and author of Uprising

"Whether you are a long-time reenactor, a beginner, or just someone who has a great interest in the history of the American Civil War this book will cause you to laugh loudly sometimes shake your head in bewilderment sometimes, and smile knowingly when you 'get the message.' In the end, it will strengthen your faith in the overall goodness of mankind." - Max Daniels, Abraham Lincoln Impersonator and Vice President (ex officio) of the Association of Lincoln Presenters

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