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Nimmu and Missing Friend

Smashwords Edition

Copyright2013 Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

It was a pleasant morning and around 7.30 am, the breeze was blowing gently and the sun was climbing up above the hill, the scooter was running at a speed of 35 miles per hour, in between the two hands of the rider, the boy was standing with lots of excitement. He kept opening and closing his mouth to swallow the cool breeze and he felt his teeth were getting chill and he was very happy to continue that. His eyes were excited to see the greenish lush farms and ponds with full of water. There came few houses on the side of the road and immediately the scooter took a left turn and went for another 400 hundred meters, there were only few huts and few single floor houses and after that some empty land, then the scooter stopped in front of a gate. When will we reach our town? the boy asked, and the rider replied that, this is the place, this is our house and it’s not a town, it’s a village.

Nimmu the boy, he was lean, Indian colored and normal height, had just shifted from a town to a village! His father got transferred to a new town, so they decided to stay in the nearby village, as Nimmu’s aunt stays in that village. Nimmu was still excited as he was now, moving to 6th grade, which means he would join in a high school. He had a proud feeling that he became a bigger boy. Nimmu has an elder brother and he is 4 years older than him. He used to play with Nimmu to a good amount of time and now his brother was getting in to adolescent age, so Nimmu need to find his own friends.

His parents had rented a house which was nearer to school, hardly 10 minutes walk. Nimmu feels, he could cover the distance within 6 minutes as he assumes himself as super fast. Sometimes Nimmu thinks he can float also… The village has one school each for boys and girls, and the boys school capacity is larger than 2000 students, in fact it’s nearly half the population of that village. The students were from various nearby smaller villages, and they come by bus, trucks, van and so on. The first day in that village, Nimmu went to his aunt’s house, and they served some colorful drinks in plastic packets, he did enjoy it a lot and then he played and slept in their house. The next day was important to him, as he would be joining the High School.

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