Prisoners of Paris


Bob Haider

Copyright 2010 © Bob Haider

Smashwords Edition

My grateful acknowledgement is extended to my dear friend Vince Cusomato for his contributions to this piece.

Chapter 1

Joseph, a short but well-built man, scowled as he exited a building on the rue Remy Dumoncel in Paris. He hoped no one had seen him and that he would make a clean getaway as he headed west on foot.

Scarred from a childhood bout with chickenpox, his pockmarked face along with dark, angry eyes above a black mustache gave him a sinister appearance. He didn’t mind though; he didn’t feel self-conscious about his appearance. In fact, he used his menacing features to his advantage over the years. His looks intimidated people. That is exactly as he wanted it as he struck fear in his subordinates.

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