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200 Ways to Be The Best BFF Ever

Tammy Mitchell

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Having a Best Friend Forever is the best feeling ever but sometimes friendships can be tricky and hard to navigate. That’s okay though, and totally natural. Here’s a list of 200 ways to be a better BFF to that special someone in your life who’s like a sister to you and sticks by your side no matter what happens. Friends are forever so it’s important to keep working to make your friendship the best it can be and to remember to always have fun with your best friend.

-Tammy Mitchell

200 Ways to Be The Best BFF Ever

1. Tell your best friend all of your secrets.

2. Pinky promise her you won’t tell any of her secrets.

3. Don’t tell her secrets to anyone. (Not even your teddy bear.)

4. Trade clothes.

5. Wash her clothes before you give them back.

6. If you spill grape juice on the sweater you borrowed from her, replace it.

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