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Booze-Free Fridays:

200 Things To Do In College Without Drinking

Tammy Mitchell

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College isn’t just about drinking and falling down a flight of stairs while being cheered on by your peers. It’s about learning, having fun, and making lifelong friends. You’re living on your own now in a new town but that doesn’t mean you immediately have to go out and get drunk. Unfortunately, many college students think that there’s nothing else to do except drink.

This book proves that wrong.

I’ve provided a list of 200 different activities for weekend nights, that time of the week when solo cups and Ping-Pong balls are flying. Just because you don’t feel like drinking doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time alone or with a big group of friend. From preparing meals to going out and goofing off, there are activities for everyone.

Your college experience is yours; don’t drink just because you think you have to because you don’t have to. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself without having to un-tag embarrassing photos of yourself online or deal with the nausea and pounding headache of a Saturday morning hangover.

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