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of Medair

Andrea K Höst

The Silence of Medair

© 2010 Andrea K Höst. All rights reserved.

Cover art by: Julie Dillon

ISBN: 978-0-9808789-1-2

Published by Andrea K Hösth at Smashwords

All characters in this publication

are fictitious and any resemblance

to real persons, living or dead,

is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

Sunlight on metal. A flash on the lower slopes, gone before she looked up, but enough to leave Medair staring down beyond the trees which hid her cottage. Had she imagined that momentary brightness, caught only in the corner of her eye, or was there truly another living person on Bariback Mountain?

She was keeping company with the wind, high on a slope where goats had once been taken to graze. The idea of movement did not fit with the drowsy scent of Bariback violets, the drone of the bees, and the way the breeze dried the sweat on her skin. The sky was an eternal, unblemished blue which gave no hint of the storm that would inevitably follow so many damp, sticky days, and the whole world must surely be dozing. It had been her imagination, nothing more.

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