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by Kate Walker

Published by Kate Walker at Smashwords 2013
First published in ‘Changes and other stores’
by Omnibus Books, Australia 1995
Copyright Kate Walker 1995

ISBN: 9781301121045

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Rory, My Brother
by Kate Walker

My brother was sick for ages, then all of a sudden it happened. He died. I suppose it wasn’t sudden for him. He’d been in hospital five weeks that time. I know he wanted to die at home, but you don’t always get what you want.

Mum phoned me at university, at the on-campus college where I live, and said, ‘Paul,’ and I knew what was coming next, ‘your brother’s gone.’

I almost asked, ‘Did he roll up his bed sheet and skip?’ He’d often talked about doing that – running away. Or hiding in the linen basket and making his escape in the hospital laundry van. He hated hospitals, and the rotten things they did to him – sticking tubes in him and making him swallow stuff he’d only throw up.

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