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Our Human Labyrinth

Lee Gunnell

Copyright 2010 by Lee Gunnell

Smashwords Edition

Cover Art by Gaia Quay

For Marissa; who always believed...


You are lost inside your own mazeā€¦

The sentence is etched in the lower case lettering of rough biro, upon a slightly stained napkin resting on a small, circular wooden table; containing an empty mug and the crumbled remnants of a Strawberry Cheesecake. The words are glanced down upon and read over in a manner of growing confusion with each scan, by a solitary, distinctly ordinary looking male, as he sits in a quiet corner of a busy, established chain of his local coffee shop. The name of the business is of no importance at this moment, but - on a deeper level of the box he carries little understanding he is trapped within, it will be.

His mind is calm, his eyes silent, his clothing even more so. He is the living embodiment of the brightly dull turquoise emulsion painted upon the walls around him; a sight only noticeable when consciously focused upon. His slightly anxious, inverted body language conveys a man by no means a loser, yet exhibiting minimal reason to stand out in any noticeable manner - at least, not to everyone in the building; he is simply an average guy, on an average day, drinking an average mug of refreshing yet overpriced coffee, killing time as much as time is killing him.

He remains aware without engagement in the variations of singletons, twosomes, groupings, and general collectives of strangers within the vicinity; they are people, he considers. They live their lives, he lives his; nature may force togetherness - design is unlikely to.

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