Inspired by the song “All The fools sailed away” By Dio


Borders & Envelopes

Written By Avnirvana Bonovika

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Chapter 1

There’s Perfect Harmony

Esperanza woke up that morning, feeling just as sick as she was yesterday morning. She had to assist her parents with things. Papá was very sick. In fact, if Papá was in America, he’d be diagnosed with lung cancer. Her mother could only read English, not speak it or write it. So, she would have to support her family.

Esperanza was the third born of eleven children. She had two elder brothers living in America. Juan, the eldest, was 36. He used to send ten dollars to them. Then, he got married and needed the money. So he only sent eight dollars. Then, Juan’s son Lucas was born. So, he only sent six dollars. Tristan followed, and Juan sent only four dollars. Isabella was born, and now, only two dollars were sent. Juan was going to become a US citizen soon, and while he and his wife and kids spoke English fluently, he was the only person out of him, José, Mama, and Esperanza that spoke English fluently. He sent lessons home for his lovely family.

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