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Give Me Love


Flashes of cameras here, flashes of cameras there; evidence search here, evidence search there; picking here, picking there. So many people in such a small room, it was crowded trying to find evidence, why?

Maybe it was the fact that they thought that she was dead, maybe what gave them that impression was the arrow stuck in her neck, maybe she was just crazy.

No one really knows, but it could be a possibility. Or maybe it was the fact that she could be Cupid? It's stupid; a stupid idea, but it was another possibility.

But nothing could really describe the fact that there were police men in the small room. There was a call saying that a young girl with blonde hair had pushed an arrow through her neck, suicide they said. They couldn’t find another reason, suicide was the only option, or homicide, but there were no fingerprints on the arrow but her own so it was suicide.

The handsome FBI officer entered the room, looking around the place trying to find some other kind of explanation for her suicide, but there was nothing but old pictures of happy couples, family perhaps? He watched the couples closely, there was something about them that he couldn’t put his finger on he turned his attention to the girl and kneeled down next to the mattress on the floor.

She really was a true beauty, with her angelic hair and features. He examined the arrow in her throat and leaned in closer to examine how she pierced it; his face was a couple inches from her face when the arrow turned into a gold dust and a gasp sounded out startling him making him fall backwards. He stared wide eyed at the beauty of the girl, the striking blue eyes that were trying to focus on his face.

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