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It’s him, was the only thought she could think of when she met his hypnotic brown eyes, he’s the one I love. “We need a doctor!” She jumped startled as his voice rang out, deep and smooth, “Stay with me, help is on the way.” She smiled up at him while reaching out to touch his cheek.

The handsome officer was startled at her sudden movements and surprised himself when he leaned against her touch; it was strange for him to react to a woman’s touch. He watched her eyes and felt warmth spread throughout his body, the only thing he wanted to do right now was kiss this strange girl senseless. “Out of the way please,” he jumped away from the girl, how many times he had been startled tonight he had no idea. He watched as hurt flashed through the girl’s features as they tried to fix her.

Only to find that there were no wounds, “I think its best we take her to the hospital just in case she has any internal injuries.” The officer nodded and watched as they put the angel in the stretcher before taking her away.

He watched as she helplessly reached out for him, as if begging him to take her with him. He wanted to, he did but he had to resist, this wasn’t him, it wasn’t. So why was he acting this way towards her?

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