Al’lah is Greater

Be Kind to Animal… Source of Your Living… Oh Man!

A Great Medical Scientific Discovery that Announces the End to Animal Wealth Diseases Mad Cow, Bird Flu and Foot and mouth Diseases

“…and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah. Thus inventing a lie about Him. They will be punished for these lies”

The Holy Qur’an,

Fortress 6, Al-An’am (Livestock), verse 138


Praise be to God, Provider of the worlds, and communication with Al’lah and peace are through the master of creatures and messengers, who is sent as a mercy for all the worlds:

How perfect the accuracy and the discipline of this universe are!

It moves within firm rules that never change or be exchanged, and its movement is but purposeful, cooperating, integral, and full of blessings.

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