The Man Behind The Brand – Big Business

by Doug Gelbert

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Open a copy of the Information Please Almanac and turn to the chapter on famous people. 4000 names and you won't know hardly any. But what about names everyone knows? Pillsbury, Kraft, Maytag, Hertz, Kellogg, Gerber. Nowhere to be found. How many names are more famous than Howard Johnson? Milton Bradley? Oscar Mayer? But who were these folks? Let’s take a look at the men behind the corporate names...

Dow Jones
Dow Chemical
Dun and Bradstreet
W.R. Grace
E.F. Hutton
H & R Block
Merrill Lynch
Procter & Gamble
RJ Reynolds

And the man behind the brand is...

Charles Dow and Edward Jones
Charles H. Dow and Edward D. Jones were reporters digging up stories in Providence, Rhode Island for the Evening Press while looking for a way to advance their careers to New York City. Dow left first, landing as a job reporting on mining stocks in 1880. Dow worked in the Stock Exchange scribbling shorthand notes on the cuffs of his shirt.

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