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Miss Emma’s Way

Jack W. Boone

Copyright 2010 Jack W. Boone

Smashwords Edition


Sixty-two year old Emmaline O’Connor Weldon sat in her rocking chair holding a handkerchief damp from her tears. She was waiting for the doctor’s verdict on her husband’s illness. The date was April 17, 1928, and her Tom had been retired from the railroad less than a year. Dr. Sam Cory closed the bedroom door and walked across the sitting room to where Emma sat passively, now holding the handkerchief against her mouth with one hand and squeezing the arm of the chair with the other. His face and sad eyes gave him away. She stood up quickly, her ashen face showed she was obviously expecting the worst.

He said softly, I'm sorry, Emma, he's gone.

Her eyes instantly filled to the brim with tears. She tried to maintain her composure, but a wave of grief swept over her and she appeared a little unsteady on her feet. The doctor took her arm and helped her sit.

What am I going to do, Sam? she pleaded softly, looking up at her old friend and family physician, with tears now running down her face. He has always been there. I don't know how to do anything without him.

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