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Moan Lisa

Published by Mermaid Press at Smashwords

Public Domain

In streams of icewater, cold flowing particles

laid bare across the skin; I melt, and my hand

reaches far across the sky; I see you there

as time collapses through the mud and ashes;

feel your whispering breath deep beneath

the skin;

A sour word and I surrender to the calm,

the stillness of knowing nothing but your

breath; and I do not languish at the peeling

of my mind; I only throw myself repeatedly

into your caresses.

It was a fruitful flight, and I

allowing you to soar; and take me up

within your arms, not letting go;

we wander through these luscious pathways

and forget;

What was the world; what isAnd far from night's bleeding edge, you swallow

earth in its entirety; divulging nothing of its

secrets you have learned; but slow steps and I

have found you waiting below the planes on my

arrival; watching patiently as you skirt about

as it's been rehearsed; I slowly fall.

Balance, at the edge of your tongue's sword

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