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Zeus come out of my bathroom…NOW” Angelica yelled at her step-brother who was staying with her after their parents got married before five years.

Hey it is my bathroom too” Zeus also yelled.

“Whatever jerk. Open the door or I will piss in your bed”

Gee Angii cant I take bath peacefully” Zeus unlocked the bathroom door and continued his bath .

Angii blushed tomato red at his manhood standing erect.” Hey I am your sister. Cover your um…umm…prick”. “Half-sister” He corrected.”How you take bath? In your clothes on?”. She was still looking at his body which was wet with water. His brown hair was sticking in his forehead. His blue eyes closed facing shower. His hard chest, six pack abs, erect member and strong thighs every thing about him made her tempting to attack him in shower itself.

Zeus felt her eyes on his body and saw her starring at his 9-inch cock. He smirked and asked

“like what you see?”

Angii cant comprehend and reply properly. She was ogling busily at his huge thing. He was acting like a tease towards her. She had few boy friend on and off. None of them make her hot and sexually excited very much. She may be a virgin but saw few cock in his hidden pron books but those cant stand near his mighty cock.

He closed the shower and walked towards her. His member was bouncing with each step he took towards her. He walked closely and his cock tip was touching her belly. She was wearing thin slip and felt the wet cock.

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