The People Traders

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Susan, a big girl for her age, used this to her advantage, pushing smaller girls aside as they scrambled to get out of the school at lunchtime. Many scowled, others muttered threats under their breath. All of them too frightened of this girl to risk a confrontation.

As the girls flooded out, some went to waiting cars, others gathered in groups around the playground, with a few making their way to the park alongside, meeting boyfriends, or just to sit around on the grass eating their lunches.

Susan followed these girls and was soon sitting alone on a park bench, chewing a crust spread messily with peanut butter. She had no real friends; in some ways she couldn't care less, but in other ways she felt bitter towards the popular ones. These were girls who would always wear the top fashions, were often attractive and had parents with pots of money. She, on the other hand, had a father who lived in the pub, never coming home until closing time, and often full of some madcap scheme to make easy money, usually brewed up by others drinking in the bar.

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