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The Human Cow: Transformed and Milked

An Erotic Transformation & Lactation Fetish Story

Copyright 2013 Luna Loupe

Smashwords Edition


Female employee wanted, the ad began. Something about it made Abby look again as she skimmed the classified ads. “Employee” was strangely vague.

Female employee wanted!

Nicholson Creamery is seeking women ages 18 and up to work on a new line of products. Previous experience with animals a plus, but not necessary. Call at…

“Weird,” Abby said to herself, under her breath. Still, it didn’t matter much to her. Her desk job wasn’t the most exciting – in fact it was mind-numbing on a good day – but it was steady enough, and the pay was okay. She’d just never gotten out of the habit of checking her options.

She moved down along the page, through a local sno-cone stand offering minimum wage, past the employers and on into the weirder or more discreet advertisements: “massage therapists” who were nothing of the sort, someone requesting a full-time maid for their dog. If you paid attention, none of it was unusual.

And yet she found herself glancing at the creamery ad, her brow creased by a small frown. No mention of hours or pay, not even a location. Something about it nagged at Abby’s mind.

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