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I decided to write Free Agent because a wonderful reader expressed interest in knowing more about the secondary characters in the second book of the Mustangs Baseball series, Going Deep. This short story takes place prior to the first book in the series, Inside Heat, and explains how Brooke and Todd met. I hope you enjoy this prequel to the series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter One

There were only a few sounds Todd Stevens truly loved. The soft shush of a flogger connecting with flesh. The cry a woman makes when she comes. And the solid thwack of leather and wood colliding in perfect disharmony.

The first made his dick hard, the second melted his heart, and the third brought a smile to his face.

Todd rounded first base, his lips curving upward as the baseball soared into the centerfield stands. He stepped on second base, vaguely aware of fans scrambling to see who would come up with the homerun ball. Rounding third, his smile faded, even though the entire Mustangs team waited just beyond home plate to celebrate his ninth inning, game-winning homer.

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