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Chapter 1

As my eyes followed the heartbreaking scene of my sweet little sister sister turn away from a couple of mean jerks and try to hold in her tears until she reached the school bathroom it made my stomach hurt. No one picks on my sister I tried to keep my temper contained and not tear the throat out of Beverly’s perfect figure.

Ever since school started my sister Nia who is 14 has been tormented to the point of tears by Beverly, Beverly oh how I hate that girl! She walk around like she’s flawless and the part that bugged me the most I can barely think of a flaw she has. Perfect Barbie doll figure, her hair platinum blond always fixed to perfection, her eyes perfectly blue, and her lips perfectly pouty and glossed, I would give anything to find a obvious flaw! Nia is the sweetest girl in this school and doesn't deserve to be bullied my theory is that Beverly is jealous of Nia, Nia isn't the most popular girl in the but she is very smart unlike miss perfect who is a just a flakey blonde! Nia is very pretty... her beauty is just sort of hidden my out of style glasses... And not the best taste of style. She doesn't dress in ugly clothes she just wears such plain clothes. And poor Nia is so shy and her socialable awkwardness doesn't help the “it” girls be nice either.

Hmm” I groaned and went to the girls bathroom  

Nia its Talia come out please” a bathroom stall creaked open Nia stepped slowly out like she was being cautious that Beverly and her posse would pounce. Thank god that I was only a year older than Nia so I could comfort her when she needed it.

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