Chapter 1

“Order, order.” The professor said in a booming voice.

Niles took a seat at the back of the class. Niles disliked science and history, the professor always had to talk about soul energy.

“Today I will lecture about how the soul energy is created and its development through history.”

Niles sighed. Today was to be especially bad. Niles believed that taking somebody’s soul and converting it to energy was a devilish deed. Who wouldn’t, the process made sure that the soul would not go to the after world? Niles bent down and grabbed his notebook. Even though he hated the topic, Niles wanted a good job that might get him out of the factory district; he defiantly did not want to work in a factory like his father.

“Soul energy was founded by S. Ysmir, the greatest hero of our time in approximately 2045 after the great apocalypse in 2015 when the world was thrown back to simpler times. Fathom was founded in 2023 by W. Fathomes. In that year Fathom flourished and became the only hope for humanity, people from the surrounding land flocked to Fathom. Another settlement which we do not completely know the name of, but for the sake of this lesson we will call it, The Settlement, they were jealous of our success and they were members of a different religion. History does not completely know who started the war, but we believe The Settlement was the first to invade in 2025. This is called The Great War, twelve long years the war lasted until in 2037, the armies of Fathom invaded The Settlement and burnt it to the ground. Now even more people moved to Fathom causing a widespread plague. At the time S. Ysmir was the Kaiser, he wanted very badly to cure his people so the country would continue. Ysmir prayed and prayed to the Ninth Divine and in late 2044, Ysmir had a vision, it showed himself using a sword that he would discover at the other end of the world stabbing himself and a small part of his soul would bury itself deep into every infected person in Fathom, curing the plague. Ysmir told only his fourth son about the vision. Then Ysmir departed and returned with the Ninth Divine’s very sword. Standing atop The Tower, thrust the sword into his chest and his soul came pouring out of the wound he had made in his chest and flew around the city curing sick people and ending the plague. Since then we have used this discovery to further the potential of our lives. First our doctors used it sparingly to ensure we would not be damned by the gods. But in 2057, V. Braun had discovered how to store the energy. We now tuned to making machines that could run on the energy instead of horses. In 2060 H. Gutenburg made the first vehicle to run on soul energy, the price to make the vehicle was so great that he went back to designing another, cheaper mode of transportation that ran on soul energy. During that time, The Settlement was rebuilt and was gathering armies. The Kaiser personally asked Gutenburg to design and manufacture a vehicle that could carry Fathoms troops and have very heavy metal bows to shoot at the the Settlement’s armies. In 2062 Gutenburg surpassed the Kaiser’s request and designed a unit that could run by itself so that way they did not have to risk losing men to the the Settlement’s armies and the unit could not be captured. When the war ended in 2064, with The Settlement being annexed to Fathom, Gutenburg designed a model to do tasks such as building houses, roads, and bridges all by themselves creating city all the way from the original Fathom to The Settlement. In 2068 Gutenburg designed a model that would work as guards in the city, retiring the ones created for the war. Gutenburg died in 2070 paving the way for Y. Balboa, he started developing soul energy for the home, with refrigerators and ovens all powered by soul energy. I know we all benef-.”

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