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Chapter 1

Just another boring day here at Burlington High School, Antoine thought to himself as his mom dropped him off at school.
“Have a good day honey,” Antoine’s mother said.
“You too mom,” Antoine answered in a rather unenthusiastic voice.
Antoine looked at the three story building that stood in front of him and 1,500 of students that attended Burlington High School. The first bell rang and Antoine went to his first class with his best friend Tonka Buffington. Tonka had been Antoine’s friend since kinder garden.
“What’s up?” Antoine asked Tonka as they took their seats in Mr. Moody’s English class.
“Football practice and Coach Clear being a total jack wagon,” Tonka replied.
“What did he do this time? Did he bench you for failing practically every class?” Antoine asked Tonka.
“Yeah! Why would he do that to his best quarterback? It doesn’t make sense,” Tonka answered in a very angry confused voice.
“Because school comes before sports,” Antoine said.
“Whatever, it still doesn’t make sense to me,” Tonka replied.
You don’t want to mess with Tonka when he is mad because it usually ends up with you sitting in the nurses’ office and probably out of school for a couple days. Tonka was a good guy but when he was mad he was very mad.
“Class take out last night’s homework please,” Mr. Moody asked.
“Did you get it done?” asked Tonka.
“No, what about you?” Antoine replied.
“Yeah I was up till midnight,” Tonka said.
Antoine rarely got his homework done on time. It was usually one week late or later even. Antoine had been going through a lot with his grandma dying and his grandpa in the hospital. There was no break in the bad things happening in his life, but Tonka always found a way to cheer him up somehow. Right now all he wanted was to be home sleeping with a Mountain Dew and a couple movies resting from his grandma’s funeral that was all the way in Kansas.
“Can I please go to the nurse to grab some ibuprofen? I have a raging headache,” Antoine sweetie,” Ashley said.
“Hi. I’m going to go home at lunch I don’t feel up to snuff today,” Antoine told Ashley.
“So does that mean no movie tonight?” Ashley asked Antoine.
“I don’t know, give me a call after school and I’ll tell you what I know,” Antoine said.
“Alright, well I hope you feel better,” Ashley told Antoine.
“Thanks, see you later. Love you,” Antoine said.
“Love you too, “Ashley replied.
Antoine and Ashley had been going out for about 3 years now and they were like the cutest couple there was here at Burlington High. Tonka asked Tammy Creek out last week and got rejected worst than he did when he asked her out last year. She was the meanest witch Antoine had ever met at Burlington High. Anyways, Antoine got back to class only to find Mr. Moody filling out a detention slip at his desk with Antoine’s name on it.
“What is this for?” Antoine asked.
“You weren’t back in ten minutes and I told you too be back by then,” Mr. Moody replied.
“I had to wait for the nurse to get here, her car broke down and had to call her husband to come and bring her here,” Antoine replied.
“That’s the most ridiculous excuse I think I have ever heard,” Mr. Moody replied.
“Call her and ask her yourself if you don’t believe me,” Antoine said in a serious tone.

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